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Student Enrollment Forms

In an effort to reduce the amount of time it takes for our parents to complete enrollment forms, we have created an online enrollment system.  The online enrollment means that parents will not have to write student demographic information repeatedly on over twenty-one different forms.  Parent will fill in demographic information online just once, and it will self-populate to all of the forms.  Forms will be printed by office staff at each school.

You will simply complete online enrollment for each child by clicking the appropriate link below, then attend enrollment days to sign all enrollment forms.  The forms can be accessed on a cell phone, tablet or computer.  Devices will be available at each school during enrollment for those without access to these devices.  We will continue to provide help to any parent who may need help filling out the forms online during enrollment days.


CHS Online Enrollment Form

CMS Online Enrollment Form

WES Online Enrollment Form

SES Online Enrollment Form

NES Online Enrollment Form





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