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OSRCL Literacy Resources for Educators


Dear Educators, 

We hope you will be able to find literacy resources on this page that will help you in your classroom and beyond. Please reach out to the OSRCL team if we can help you in any way! 

Tonya Gaunt, Stephanie Hime, Melissa Knabe, Vanessa Perez 


Literacy Resource Links




Reading Comprehension


English Learners 


Intervention Practices 


OSRCL Celebrations

First Quarter 


  • Classroom Libraries
  • Professional Libraries
  • Traveling Book Club Text
  • Brigance
  • El Toolkits
  • Solution Tree Training
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Family English Class
  • Seesaw
  • Exact Path
  • Eastside Resources



Second Quarter 

  • Family English Class
  • Extended Professional Libraries
  • Exact Path rolling Professioanl Development
  • Oklahoma Bilingual Conference
  • National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference
  • National Council of Teachers of English annual conference
  • Oklahoma Technology Association/Encyclomedia annual conference
  • Webinar presentation to all OSRCL schools highlighting Community Partnerships 



Committee Members:

Superintendent: Kevin Hime

Assistant Superintendent: Adam Beauchamp

Elementary Curriculum Director: Stephanie Hime

Secondary Curriculum Director: Melissa Knabe

Early Childhood Specialist: Tonya Gaunt

Library/Media Specialist: Vanessa Perez

Community Member: Kathy Atchley (Public Library)

Community Member: Susanna Williams (Eastside Academy)

Parents: Amanda Hines, Summer Hunter