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CPS Lice Protocol and Resources

Posted Date: 01/18/2019

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CPS Lice Protocol 

 1) If a teacher notices live lice in a student's hair, the teacher will notify the parent/guardian immediately and make them aware of the following:

       -Your child has lice and must be treated today.  They are NOT being sent home.  They will not be excused for lice treatment so treat them tonight.

       -If you need lice shampoo, please come to the office and pick some up.

       -Treating consists of using the shampoo named in our policy, combing all the nits out and cleaning the environment.

       -A packet with education on lice treatment will be sent home with the student.

2) The child must be checked again the next day they attend school.  If there are still lice or nits present, the school nurse will be contacted and she will contact the parents. At this time the site administrator and the school nurse will decide how to handle.


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